A Super-Intuitive Point-And-Click Control Panel

The Hepsia Control Panel is one of the cornerstones of our cloud hosting business. It represents a new and intuitive way to interact with your websites and everything associated with them. You will find that we have prepared all the tools that you need for your daily website administration needs.
One of the most important aspects of the Hepsia Control Panel is that it’s the only Control Panel you will need – there’s no need to log into several places anymore. You can finally manage your domain names, your websites and your billing transactions from a single location. But it doesn’t end there. Scroll down to see what else we have prepared for you.



Our Domain Manager is the only place you need in order to manage your domains. It offers all the tools that you need. With just a few clicks, you can redirect or park domains, modify WHOIS info or change DNS records.

And the best part is that when you are done, you can instantly start working on your website – you can add new files, create databases or install web applications. All thanks to the fact that all the tools are located in a single Control Panel.


File Management In The Digital Age

File managers have been around for a long time. But they are clunky, slow, difficult to use and feature-poor. We have changed that. Hepsia's File Manager behaves more like a desktop file manager than like a regular web file manager. You can upload and move files and folders around with drag-and-drop actions. You can use our integrated code editors. You can preview photos and archive & unarchive files or folders directly online. And everything is done with just a click


Working With Mailboxes Can Be Simple

Working with emails can be easy. Managing email accounts can be hard. This is where our Email Manager can come in real handy. It allows you to not only quickly create new and modify existing email accounts – it allows you to quickly redirect emails, to create email filters, to enable spam protection, etc. And everything is done via a user-friendly interface. And if you work with a mail client, we have autoconfig scripts for the most popular mail clients for Windows and Linux. All you have to do is download a file and your mail client will automatically configure your new mailbox.


Site Stats From The Moment You Sign Up

With our Stats Manager, you can keep tabs on what is going on with your websites from the moment you open your account with us. There is no need to configure additional settings or to set up extra accounts – we start gathering data as soon as your website goes live. At any moment you can see how many visitors you have had and how much time they have spent on your website. You can have a look at the most frequently visited pages, as well as at landing pages, exit pages, etc.


Database Administration Has Never Been Easier

Almost every web app requires a database to store information. This is why we offer a user-friendly interface – our Database Manager, from where you can work with all your available databases, be that MySQL databases or PgSQL databases. With just a single click, you can back up a whole database, log into the phpMyAdmin/phpPgAdmin tools, modify database access passwords and much more.


More Than 40 Apps Are Just A Click Away

Manual app installation can be tricky. This is why, we have built an automated Web Applications Installer, which will do the job for you. It works with more than 50 popular apps and we have made their installation as simple as possible. All you really need to fill out is your admin username and password. Our smart tool will do the rest for you. It also keeps a log of the installed software and the used usernames and passwords. This way, even if you forget your password, you can always check what it is in our Control Panel.



If you have coding skills or have some experience building and optimizing websites, we have some amazing tools for you. Varnish, Memcached and Redis are available right from within the Control Panel. With them, you can increase your site's loading speed by tenfold. And everyone loves faster websites. You will not only make browsing your website a smoother experience for your visitors, but your website itself will also rank higher in search engines.


A dependable firewall program for your web applications

If you wish to defend your web app against hacker attacks, then ModSecurity is here to help you out. It’s a firewall program built to prevent hacker attacks, XSS attacks and URL forgery attacks. It operates automatically in accordance with a set of predetermined rules and demands no attention on your end. With our Control Panel, ModSecurity will be activated automatically for all domain names. You can disable it anytime you want.

Dropbox backups

Back up your websites remotely with Dropbox

Since Dropbox was introduced, it has gained hundreds of thousands of active users. With the Control Panel, you can set up auto–backups of your web site using your Dropbox account as a remote backup storage space. That way, you can make sure that, no matter what happens with our hosting servers, you can always have the latest backup of your website and your databases at your disposal.

VPN Access

An intelligent method for connecting to the Internet incognito

If you’re looking for a way to get around a firewall, or if you’d like to surf the World Wide Web anonymously, or if you simply would like to test a GeoIP redirection, you can utilize our VPN Access tool built into our Control Panel. You can make use of our VPN access option on any web–connected device – your desktop computer, your telephone, your tablet, etc. There is no restriction on the number of connected devices.

Marketing Tools

Popularize your web sites through an easy–to–use interface

To help you more efficiently advertise your site to customers and get a better search engine ranking, we have created a set of cost–free Internet marketing tools, which come with our Control Panel – a Sitemap Generator, an RSS News tool and a GeoIP redirection tool. Each of these tools has been designed by Sams Tech Hosting with one single goal in mind – to offer you all–round functionality, wrapped in a user interface that can be easily used by everybody.

A Free Of Charge Site Creator

Kick off your own web site right now. Select your desired layout with a single click of the mouse.

Using the Free Of Charge Site Creator available in the Control Panel, you’ll be able to quickly create custom sites without needing to add one single line of CSS, HTML or PHP code. Everything is done with the help of an intuitive WYSIWYG (What–You–See–Is–What–You–Get) editor. Our Free Of Charge Site Creator offers 100+ unique design templates available in different color combinations, which you can customize as per your own demands.

A choice of 40+ different web apps to install

Over forty applications are only a click away

With the Apps available in the Control Panel, you can quickly install more than 40 different software applications, among them Joomla™, Mambo, WordPress and many others. You can forget about searching for the most up–to–date edition of a certain app. Additionally, you will no longer have to upload, install and set up everything manually. We will perform all setup operations and will also automatically create a database for your application. Moreover, our Apps maintains a log file of all the apps that you have installed, including the username, the password and the login URL. This way, you can still log in, even if you fail to remember your password.




Years ago, cPanel used to be a synonym for a Control Panel interface. It still is the most popular Control Panel and gets the job done. The Hepsia Control Panel is built to work equally well now and in the future. It’s fast, easy to use and features lots of free tools.


See how these two control panels fare against each other and what their pros and cons are.

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