We are working with data centers located on different continents, so you can select a facility that is closer to your target visitors and ensure the fastest possible site loading speed for them.

We have developed a new way of performing routine maintenances so as to minimize downtime as much as possible. Also, we have increased the network bandwidth to 10 Gbps, which means better connectivity and hence a much better loading speed for your site.

Also, applications, emails and databases are stored on different machines. Thus, we can guarantee that on our in-house built cloud hosting platform, you will never get affected by server load issues.


The loading speed of your website largely depends on the location of the data center where the site itself is hosted. We offer you a choice of 5 data centers located on different continents, so you can choose the one that is closest to your target visitors.

We offer you 5 data centers to choose from, all of them managed by reputable IT infrastructure companies:

SteadFast Data Center

in Chicago, United States

⇒ for your visitors from USA, Canada and Latin America

Pulsant Data Center

in London, United Kingdom

⇒ for target audiences from the UK, the rest of Europe and Africa

Amaze Data Center

in Sydney, Australia

⇒ for customers from Australia, Oceania and Asia

TelePoint Data Center

in Sofia, Bulgaria

⇒ for customers from Eastern Europe

Ficolo Data Center

in Pori, Finland

⇒ for customers from Russia or in Northern and Central Europe


Dedicated backup servers
 Customized data protection
 Top-of-the-line disaster recovery services
 Intrusion detection & prevention systems
On-site manned guarding services
Protection from DDoS attacks


 100% uninterrupted electricity

 Complete power redundancy

 UPS battery backup power

 On-site diesel generators

 A strategic location atop multiple power grids


 A high-performance, fully redundant network

 Industry-leading routing and switching products

 Lowest levels of latency and jitter

 A wide selection of backbone providers

 A 10-Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure

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